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7 Best Body Lotions & Creams for Itchy, Dry & Oily Skins

7 Best Body Lotions & Creams for Itchy, Dry & Oily Skins

7 Best Body Lotions & Creams for Itchy, Dry & Oily Skins

Ensure your skin feels and looks its very best with the help of the following organic skin creams to suit all sorts of different skin types.

Best for itchy skin

1. Dr Jennifer Walden Intensive Recovery Cream

Dr Jennifer Walden Intensive Recovery Cream

This luxurious cream has been specifically blended to reduce irritations associated with highly active ingredients, including retinoids and hydroxy acids. It contains four different kinds of ceramides to repair and hydrate your skin and helps to regulate inflammation enzymes for a soothing effect. It can reduce skin irritation and sensitivity and lower the amount of water loss through your skin by up to 15 percent. This is the perfect antidote to harsh beauty products and as protection from environmental factors, including harsh weather. Its ingredients include cactus extract, ceramides, Phytosphingosine, EOP, AP, and NP, yeast extract, biosaccharide gum-1, vitamin E, allantoin, and inflammation-reducing bisabolol.

For dry skin

2. Aniise Fragrance Free Ultra Moisturizing Body Cream With Avocado And Coconut Oil

This is one of the most luxurious, most hydrating, and creamiest-feeling body butters you will find. Created using only the most natural of ingredients and with no fragrance to clash with other lotions and potions, this body butter manages to relieve dryness without leaving behind the sticky residue and cloying feeling that can be associated with some ultra-moisturizing creams. It is super-absorbent, making it perfect for busy lives, and it quickly gets rid of flaky, dry, and dull-looking skin.

3. Keshav Natural Organics Rejuvenating Balm

Keshav Natural Organics Rejuvenating Balm

This is the perfect product if you have extra-dry skin and need a product that can offer the moisturizing properties that you need with none of the harmful chemicals contained in far too many beauty products. This balm is made with 100 percent organic ingredients, including rosehip, neem seed oil, and olive fruit oil, and it is perfect for repairing dry hands, knees, elbows, and heels. It can even be used on your cuticles and lips to add to its all-around appeal.

For combination skin

4. Marli Revitalizing Vitamin EDA cream

This is a daily moisturizer that promises to protect and replenish even the dry patches that many people with combination skin suffer from without leaving your skin feeling as though it’s wearing a heavy, greasy coat. It is perfect for everyone from teenagers to people in their 30s and is even gentle enough to be used on babies’ skin. It is the perfect solution if you suffer from eczema patches and can help to correct your skin tone in addition to offering lightweight hydration. This cream contains collagen, elastin, vitamins E, D, and A, along with squalene and aloe. It is dye- and fragrance-free and can firm your skin while still leaving it feeling soft and supple.

Best for breakouts

5. DR.HC Bye Bye Acne 2 In 1 Serum 40ml

DR.HC Bye Bye Acne 2 In 1 Serum 40ml

This may be predominantly used on the face, but we all know that breakouts don’t just happen there. If you are prone to getting breakouts in other areas, it can be really annoying. This two-in-one serum and moisturizer contains the maximum 2 percent concentration of salicylic acid. This is a hugely powerful ingredient in the fight against acne, and in this formulation, it is combined with vitamin B5 and an anti-inflammatory herbal infusion. This cream treats all of the four causes of breakouts - excessive oil, clogged pores, and bacteria - and is so gentle it can even be used on sensitive skin.

6. Marli Skin Care Eczema Body Butter

This is the ideal solution for breakouts and for painful, itchy, inflamed, red, dry, or flaky skin. It is an all-around solution for all sorts of problems and contains many nourishing ingredients, including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, hempseed oil, sunflower oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, stearic acid, and shea butter.

For oily skin

7. Aniise Normalizing Zinc Cream

This can be used on the face or anywhere on the body that could benefit from its ability to balance out oily skin and prevent the excess sebum that can lead to acne. Zinc oxide is great at helping to regulate your skin’s oil production, and this creamy formula is packed with minerals and vitamins that can refine enlarged pores while helping you to enjoy blemish-free, non-greasy skin. It can be used to help your body build new skin cells and enable it to fight off attacks from environmental stressors.