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15 Best Body Lotions, Creams and Moisturizers for Every Skin Type

15 Best Body Lotions, Creams and Moisturizers for Every Skin Type

15 Best Body Lotions, Creams and Moisturizers for Every Skin Type

We all know we are supposed to use body lotion or cream to give our skin a moisture boost after bathing, but too many of us are still skipping this step. Using body lotion after showering or bathing has so many health benefits. Not only does it improve skin’s elasticity, but it also helps with skin renewal, soothes dry and cracked skin, and makes you smell and feel great. Still need convincing? Here are the best 15 body lotions, creams and moisturizers for every skin type.

The exfoliating body lotion

Exfoliating is beneficial for everybody, and you don’t have to have extra-dry skin to reap the benefits. Exfoliating regularly removes dry skin, unclogs blocked pores, helps with circulation and evens out skin tone. Try Rejuvenation Keratotic Glycolic Body Lotion. This medical-grade lotion uses glycolic acid to exfoliate and polish skin.

Rejuvenation Keratotic Glycolic Body Lotion

The anti-aging body lotion

We all want younger-looking skin, but sometimes, we only focus on the skin on our face. As we age, skin all over our body loses moisture and firmness. Use a special anti-aging body lotion to help tackle the signs of aging. Anti-aging Kale Infused Body Lotion harnesses the power of the well-known superfood kale to help soften, smooth and firm skin. For a collagen boost, Revitalizing Vitamin EDA Cream contains elastin, collagen and vitamins E, D and A to keep skin looking younger and firmer.

The soothing lotion

Sometimes skin gets dry, burned or irritated. Turn to nature to help soothe skin in the gentlest way by using products that contain aloe vera. Aloe is a great natural moisturizer for your skin. It has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. It is also rich in antioxidants and can speed up the healing process. The Organic Aloe Vera Shea Butter Body Lotion combines the power of aloe vera with another skincare powerhouse, shea butter. You could also try Intensive Recovery Cream to target particularly dry or irritated areas.

The protective lotion

The environment we live in can cause our skin to suffer. From weather conditions to pollution, the urban world can have an adverse effect on skin. Look for moisturizers and lotions that aim to reduce free radicals and protect your skin. Organic Jasmine Olive Oil Body Lotion Set 4pc aims to do this through its natural mixture of vitamin C, rice bran oil, wheat germ oil and corn oil.

Organic Jasmine Olive Oil Body Lotion Set 4pc

The invigorating lotion

Sometimes you need a moisturizer that will pep up your skin - and you - for the day ahead. Look for zesty, zingy fragrances such as grapefruit or pomegranate to leave you feeling energized and smelling great. Try Grapefruit Ginger Aromatherapy Body Lotion, which combines grapefruit and ginger to pep you up while keeping skin moisturized, or try the invigorating eucalyptus found in Eucalyptus and Aloe Vera Shea Butter Body Lotion.

The vitamin-packed lotion

We know vitamins and minerals are great for our bodies, and that goes for skin, too. Aloe Vera Cucumber Shea Butter Body Lotion has been formulated with extra vitamins to really pack a punch. It contains aloe, shea butter, cucumber extract, and nutrient-rich algae and is supplemented with vitamins A, C, E and Pro Vitamin B5 to keep skin soft, revitalized and nourished.

The moisture booster for men

Male skin is thicker than female skin thanks to testosterone levels. Men with dry skin should look for a thicker, creamier moisturizer. Fragrance Free Ultra Moisturizing Body Cream with Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil is specially formulated for male skin using natural moisturizers such as avocado and coconut oil.

The eczema tackler

Around one in 10 people are affected by eczema in their lives. For a natural solution, try Marli’s Eczema Body Butter, which uses natural ingredients, avoiding mineral oil, petroleum oil, alcohol and parabens that can irritate eczema-prone skin. For psoriasis sufferers, there is Marli’s Psoriasis Body Butter.

The all-arounder

Sometimes you need a lotion that you can pop in your purse and take anywhere. Weleda Skin Food Cream is ideal for replenishing dry patches of skin while protecting skin. This makes it ideal for taking away on vacations or day trips.

Weleda Skin Food Cream

For smelling great

Sometimes you just want your skin to smell great. Look for a scented lotion to give you an extra boost of fragrance. Try Boomer and Co Body Lotion Scented for men or something like Vanilla Sandalwood Aromatherapy Body Lotion for women.