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5 Hair Care Products & Hair Styling Tools You Must Have

5 Hair Care Products & Hair Styling Tools You Must Have

5 Hair Care Products & Hair Styling Tools You Must Have

Caring for and styling your hair can be a difficult task when there are so many products available to buy. From brushing out tangles to washing and styling, there’s a lot to contend with when caring for hair. To keep your hair healthy and looking its best, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got the products and tools that you need.

Get a good shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and nourish hair

Keeping your hair clean without stripping it of the natural oils that keep it healthy is an essential part of your haircare routine. Many products promise amazing results but are filled with artificial ingredients that are not good for the health of your hair. This is where natural organic products can help you to maintain the natural balance of your hair without the use of harsher formulations.

Organic shampoos are free from chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and alcohol that are bad for your hair. They will gently clean your hair without causing unnecessary stress, using natural ingredients to hydrate and care. Selecting a good-quality organic shampoo doesn't have to be difficult. Why not try this Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo from Masami that uses the Mekabu botanical found in the Japanese ocean, along with other natural ingredients, to leave hair shiny and hydrated?

Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo

Similarly, organic conditioners are free from harmful artificial additives. A good conditioner will leave hair soft, supple, and moisturized so it will always look its best. The Mekabu Hydrating Conditioner uses its powerful botanical ingredients to gently restore moisture and manageability to your hair while it soothes your scalp. Natural conditioners will enhance the natural beauty of your hair without weighing it down with synthetic ingredients.

Mekabu Hydrating Conditioner

Use a quality hairbrush that’s gentle on hair

Keeping hair healthy and avoiding breakage is high on the priority list. However, many hairbrushes can drag on the delicate hairs and cause them to break. Minimizing damage when you brush your hair is best achieved by choosing a good-quality brush with natural bristles and avoiding brushing the hair when it is wet.

Brushing the hair is about more than just styling it. It’s also important so that the natural oils from your scalp are distributed across the hair, helping it to stay healthy. Investing in a good-quality brush with flexible, natural bristles will help with this and ensure that detangling your tresses is stress-free.

Natural materials don’t have to mean using boar bristles. There are also vegan-friendly natural alternatives available, such as the natural sisal brushes whose bristles come from a plant.

Using a hairdryer can help create the look

It's common knowledge that using excessive heat isn’t always great for your hair, but sometimes a hairdryer is an essential tool for creating a hairstyle. However, not all hairdryers are equally bad for your hair.

Hairdryers with ceramic parts in their heat systems, rather than metal and plastic, tend to not reach such high temperatures. Also, if you purchase a hairdryer that uses ionic drying technology, it will dry hair faster without using more heat. This is better for your hair as it won’t cause so much dryness and damage.

Try not to use a hairdryer every time you dry your hair as this will contribute to the daily damage hair can face. It’s better to use it only for the styles where it would be impossible to achieve salon results without one. Another good tip for avoiding damage when using a hairdryer is to let the hair partially dry naturally before using the hairdryer.

Purchasing a hairdryer is one of those areas where it is better to invest wisely and not go for the lowest-cost option to save money.

Select a styling product to perfect the look

Even with the best shampoos and conditioners and the most careful styling, hair can still be a little difficult to tame. It can be tempting to use heavy styling products that promise immaculate results, but these will often be loaded with artificial additives such as sulfates and parabens, with many weighing down your hair with their thick formula. Taking a natural and gentle approach can work miracles.

Masami’s Makabu Styling Cream

Natural organic products make use of nature’s powerful ingredients to hydrate and tame unruly hair. Masami’s Makabu Styling Cream contains a mixture of botanicals that will provide a lightweight and gentle hold to keep hair in place, nourishing hair and banishing frizz. It’s great for adding weightless shine and keeping your style in place all day.