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Men’s Hairstyles & Grooming Products for 2021

Men’s Hairstyles & Grooming Products for 2021

Men’s Hairstyles & Grooming Products for 2021

From beard fades to Seoul-inspired styles, there are a lot of new trends to navigate this year. Allow us to walk you through the freshest looks and hottest products of 2021.

Fade haircut

Fade haircuts are one of the most popular men’s styles of 2021. It is also a highly versatile cut, so you can be sure to stand out from the crowd despite its popularity. Higher fades that start at the temples are this year’s hot new take on this style.

Fade haircut

One of the best things about the fade is that it works on a diverse range of hair types. The fade looks great on men with either straight or curly hair. If you require a protective hairstyle that is gentle on your scalp, combine the fade with a Senegalese twist. Men with shorter hair can showcase both the striking two-twist style on top and the skillful graduation of their fade. This look is also great for men with medium and long hair as the fade will give the whole look a lighter feel.

The two-block cut

This hot new twist on a classic '90s style has been popularized by K-pop and K-drama stars. Much like the fade haircut, this look has key features but is still a super versatile style that will work well with a range of hair types. The two-block boasts two distinct sections; this cut consists of shorter hair at the back and longer hair around the sides and top.

This style emerged in South Korea, where permed hair is a popular choice for men, and curly hair lends both texture and volume to the cut. If you aren’t ready to commit to a perm, you can also create a wavy, tousled effect by running a hair cream through damp hair. The two-block cut is a youthful style that works best with a clean-shaven face.

The modern pompadour

This haircut combines the best of short and long hair, with a traditional short back and sides but long, voluminous, swept-back hair on top. The modern pompadour offers a sleeker twist on the haircut once rocked by the King, with well-defined angles and style options such as the fade pompadour, the undercut pompadour and curly pompadours. Combining the modern pompadour with a beard or a beard and moustache creates a distinctly retro vibe.

Versatile style

Versatility is a theme that undercuts the top men’s hairstyles of 2021. Although each cut has its own unique defining features, they remain highly adaptable to suit a range of different hair types and personal styles. Finding a fashionable haircut to suit your image and hair type and blend with your facial hair has never been so easy.

Best beard styles of 2021

With 33% of American men sporting facial hair [1], beards are as fashionable as ever. Send your bushy, unkempt Viking beard off to Valhalla because the new kid on the block this year is the fade beard. This look gently blends the length of your facial hair, starting with well-shaped sideburns and ending in a healthy, full beard.

Straddling the fence between clean-shaven and the short beard, the classic stubble beard is showing no signs of going anywhere. A well-groomed stubble beard has the advantage of looking both professional and trendy for a style that works both in and outside of the office. It also looks great on faces of all shapes and can cover blemishes such as scars from acne or chickenpox.

Keeping it fresh

Whether you boast a fashionable beard or a clean-shaven face, you won’t stay looking fresh unless you maintain your look. Those with fuller beards should be applying oils and balms to ensure they look healthy and vibrant. In addition to keeping them in good condition, these products can help you shape and style your beard. Keshav Natural Organics' All Natural Best Beard Balm comes in a range of masculine scents, such as Nomad, which boasts notes of tobacco leaves, citrus and bay leaves, to keep you and your beard smelling great.

All Natural Best Beard Balm

To keep your stubble beard looking just the right side of rugged, it needs to be carefully trimmed every four days. For those who prefer a smooth, clean-shaven look, it is vital to prevent razor rash and irritation with a razor kit you trust. The Juniper & Cedar Shaving Kit meets this need with soap and aftershave that have been made using all-natural organic ingredients to ensure that they work well with all skin types.

Juniper & Cedar Shaving Kit