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11 Best-Selling Personal Care Products in 2021

11 Best-Selling Personal Care Products in 2021

11 Best-Selling Personal Care Products in 2021

We all know that personal care and beauty products are big business, and economic experts predict that the multi-billion dollar industry is only going one way: upward. In fact, experts have forecast that the American beauty and personal care market is projected to grow by another 5 percent over the next five years [1] .

Personal care products include a huge range of products, from everyday staples such as shower gel, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner to cosmetics, toothpastes and razors.

While everyday essentials are always likely to top the lists of most-used products, there are some that have enjoyed good sales in 2021 in response to current trends and circumstances such as the global pandemic.


It is a bathroom staple that (hopefully) we all use every day. This year has seen a general move toward more natural products within personal care products in general. More and more people are eager to use products that are free from harsh chemicals. This applies to deodorants, too. Try Tom’s of Maine Natural Long-Lasting Deodorant Stick Lemongrass for a natural stick deodorant.

Tom’s of Maine Natural Long-Lasting Deodorant Stick Lemongrass

Shampoo and conditioner

Hair care still has the biggest market share of the personal care and beauty industry, dominating around 25 percent of the market as people focus their attention on their tresses. [2]

Shower gel and body wash

Shower gels and body wash are some of the most-used products among American consumers. However, more shoppers are seeking soap bars that can be used for hair and body, resulting in less plastic packaging and proving better for the environment, such as Boomer & Co Hair and Body Soap.

Acne treatments

Deep cleansers and acne treatments have proven popular in 2021 as people tackle skin issues caused by wearing masks. Maskne, as it has been dubbed, is caused by wearing masks on the lower half of the face, and skincare trends have leaned toward tackling these issues.

Skincare with blue light protection

Exposure to blue light cast by screens and other devices can cause skin problems, including dryness, redness and swelling. Sales of products that give blue light protection rocketed during the pandemic as home working came into force, with sales of such products climbing by 170% [3]. Sales of these products have remained high during 2021.

Anti-pollution products

Greater awareness about pollution and the environment has led to an increase in sales of anti-pollution products, especially facial skincare. Ingredients such as green tea and vitamin C are great for tackling the skin problems caused by pollution in the air. Try Detoxifying Anti-pollution DR. HC Skin Detox.

Detoxifying Anti-pollution DR. HC Skin Detox

Peel-off face masks

Another product that has sold well thanks to the pandemic is peel-off masks. The increased use of Zoom and video calling has prompted people to take more notice of how their skin looks. Peel-off masks are a simple and enjoyable way to treat your skin and any issues it may have while also providing a little self-care. After a huge popularity boost in 2020, it seems this trend has continued over the past year.

Beard oils

Beards are very trendy at the moment, a fact borne out by the rising popularity of beard oils and balms. It seems that this trend is driven by younger men aged 18 to 29. This means that as long as beards remain popular, sales of such grooming personal care products are only likely to continue rising. For a natural option, try Cold Brew Beard Oil.

Nail polish

Nails have been back in a big way, especially because having nice nails is something most of us can achieve by ourselves at home. Sales of nail polish and nail files have seen increases in 2021, especially thanks to the trend for no-nonsense, back-to-basics nails with a shorter, soft square nail shape.

Sun protection products

Greater awareness of sun damage and its links to aging has led to the increased popularity of sunscreens, particularly for the face.

Hand creams and masks

These products have come to the fore thanks to the constant use of hand sanitizers and gels, which can often leave the skin on your hands feeling dry and uncomfortable. Nourishing options such as Ultra-Rich Moisturizing Hand Cream with Wild Yam and Avocado Oil are recommended after using hand sanitizers.

Ultra-Rich Moisturizing Hand Cream with Wild Yam and Avocado Oil

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