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5 DIY Gift Ideas for All Occasions

5 DIY Gift Ideas for All Occasions

5 DIY Gift Ideas for All Occasions

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or any other special occasion, there is no better way to let someone know you care than by getting creative and making them their very own gift.

DIY gifts have many benefits. Not only are they often more cost-effective, but they are also much more personal than store-bought gifts, and you can tailor each individual gift to the recipient to make it even more special.

Luxury Gift

When buying pre-boxed makeup and skincare gift sets, you can sometimes end up buying some unwanted products that use way too much packaging and just get thrown out in the trash as soon as the gift is opened. To create your own luxury gift, simply buy the individual items you want to include and wrap them in tissue and present them in a paper gift bag, box or basket.

For the women in your life, getting them some extra special skincare will not only make them feel amazing but also make your gift unique. The Liquid Illuminator Highlighter by Aniise gives a gorgeous sun-kissed, healthy glow and can be used on the face, shoulders and collarbone.

Liquid Illuminator Highlighter by Aniise

Get Cooking

If you are feeling really creative, you can bake or make your own food gifts. Save any glass jars from jelly, peanut butter and other condiments and then use them to present your own jam. This can be a lot of fun to do and makes a lovely gift. If you are feeling really arty, you can decorate the jars and lids, too.

There are all sorts of other food gifts you can make, including cookies, brownies and cakes. Make sure you think about the wrapping and invest in some ribbon and card so you can attach your very own gift tag and write a personal message with your gift.

You can also add some extras to your DIY gifts, such as some gorgeous-smelling Hand Sanitizers from Pure Energy.

Feeling Creative

Depending on how confident you feel, there are other homemade gifts you might be able to make. You could knit a scarf or something a little less challenging, such as a bookmark. If you’re artistic, consider painting a picture or making some home decorations. If you collect a few pine cones and purchase some colored tissue paper and white paint, you can create some gorgeous tree decorations to give as gifts. Simply scrunch up the colored tissue and push it in between the cone’s needles, then decorate with some splashes of white paint. These can then hang on the tree using ribbon or colored string. To make the gift a bit more substantial, add something extra, such as a Pure Energy Apothecary candle. The Lavender Orange Soy Candle is ideal for relaxing the body and mind and is made with 100% natural and biodegradable soy wax.

Lavender Orange Soy Candle

Photo Gifts

Photo gifts never fail to go down well, and with everyone now storing their images on their electronic devices, printing out physical copies of our favorite photos has become much less popular than in the past. By selecting special images and having them printed on a calendar, a phone case, or placed in a hand-picked frame, you can make a very heartfelt and special gift. If you really want to get creative, you can even take photos specifically for the gift. For example, if you are producing a calendar, use images that relate to each individual month or time of year.

Add a luxury Bath Bomb from Earthly Garden for the perfect personal gift.

Make it personal

If you really want to impress and give an extra-special gift, create a personal gift basket. Wrap up a cardboard box and then add the recipient's favorite edible treat and get a gift you know they’ll enjoy. For example, if they like cooking, you could add a utensil, a tea towel or an apron. If they enjoy gardening, some seeds, a plant or some gardening gloves are good choices. You can also add some of their favorite toiletries. For the men in your life, consider a luxurious Shaving Kit from Boomer & Co. This lovely natural product combines eucalyptus and fresh spearmint and includes both a shaving soap bar and an aftershave. Tie up with a ribbon and attach a decorated gift card.

Shaving Kit from Boomer & Co.

DIY gifts are suitable throughout the year, whatever the occasion. Not only do they mean more than a store-bought gift, but they are also fun to create and much more memorable.