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Winter Care Gift Set

Pure Energy Apothecary
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Product Description

When the air is dry and chilly and coughs and colds are going around, reach for this set and get ready for relief.

Sinus & Chest Cold Rub to relieve congestion and provide comfort through winter.

Herbal Salve quickly soothes those painful cracks that harsh weather creates on our hands and feet. Use it nightly to prevent them.

Herbal Lip Balm to heal, soothe and soften lips through the harsh winter weather. Also great for overnight conditioning!

Daily Herbal Skin Cream to keep your face, hands and body soft and silky smooth through the “dry heat/cold weather” season.

Sinus & Chest Balm Pocket Pal -  our Sinus & Chest Rub Balm in the perfect size to slip into your pocket to have on hand.