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Eye Sparkle/Eye shadow Loose Powder - Set of 40 Colors

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Product Description

These eye shadows are the secret of professional stage makeup used on runway models, magazine photo shoots, and cinematography. Eye Sparkle can be worn not only around your eyes, but also on your cheeks, nails and body. Using a fine, blunt-ended brush, gently apply a base color eye shadow to the entire lid from the base of the lashes to under the eyebrow. Next, use a darker shade of color and apply from the inside to the outside corner of the eyelid up to the crease. Lastly, finish by applying the lightest shade of eye shadow just under the eyebrow, as a brow highlighter each of these are very shimmery, and Great assortment of Eye sparkle. Some have a hit of very fine glitter in them. The colors are very bold, pigmented, and can be used as a shadow or liner, depending on if you use them wet or dry. Colors as shown, by removing their lid you can stack them together and make an eye shadow stack, you may also add Vaseline to it and use it as nail polish.