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Be Chill - 2 PK Custom Essential Oil Blend For Relaxation

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Product Description

With all the challenges we face in our lives and this world, Nico's Organics has created a custom essential oil blend to help during the challenging times.

The ingredients in Be Chill may help calm and relax the body, ease heart palpitations, decrease blood pressure, and blunt the 'fight or flight sensation. Every research-backed ingredient and essential oil was chosen for potency, purity, and efficacy, to help those who suffer from anxiety, panic, and high amounts of stress. 

Be Chill - was originally created to help family members who suffer from panic and anxiety and is now available to everyone!

 Organic. Vegan.

 NO Additives, NO Preservatives, Nothing Artificial. EVER

 No Animals Were Used In The Testing Of This Product

 No Toxic Materials Were Used in Creation or Packaging Of This Product