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DR.HC Bye Bye Acne Face Cleansing Gelato 60g

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Product Description

A cream-based facial cleanser which can be applied directly to your skin (like a skincare product) without foaming. This is the best way helps to deliver the active ingredients to nourish your skin. With Salicylic acid, Herbal complex including organic Tea tree, Rosemary, Peppermint, and Rose hydrosol, which are effective in relieving and preventing acne and pimples,  BYE BYE ACNE - FACE CLEANSING GELATO helps rescuing your skin from breakouts as well as helps balancing oil, minimizing pores, and toning in order to bring you back a healthy and glowing skin


œ“POINT 1: An anti-acne facial cleanser with the best combination of scientifically proved active ingredient (2% Salicylic acid) & natural herbal complex. 

œ“POINT 2:  No synthetic surfactants. Never dry out your skin. 

œ“POINT 3: Water-based formula which is non-comedogenic. Good for all skin types. Perfect for oily skin and skin with breakouts.

œ“POINT 4:  And of course, it's Alcohol-free, gentle even for the sensitives.

œ“POINT 5: 100% natural scent coming from the active botanicals. 

œ“POINT 6: This product is Vegan

œ“POINT 7:  Gluten-free formula! 



  • œ“All skin types (oily, dry, normal, combination) 
  • œ“Good even for super-dry skin
  • œ“Sensitive skin 
  • œ“Skin with breakouts


  • œ“Anti-acne
  • œ“Anti-blackhead
  • œ“Anti Inflammatory 
  • œ“Oil-Balancing 
  • œ“Pore Minimizing 
  • œ“Anti Blemish
  • œ“Skin toning 

This product also helps

  • œ“Hydrating 
  • œ“Softening 


    View All Ingredients

    ˜…SALICYLIC ACID: is scientifically proved to be helpful in fighting acne and pimples. It is also a gentle exfoliant with the ability to help skin shed dead cells and clear pores. In addition, it can also help balancing oil and toning skin. This product was formulated with an appropriate content of salicylic acid so that it's also good to be used for the sensitives and pregnancy.

    ˜…ORGANIC HERBAL COMPLEX (TEA TREE, ROSEMARY, PEPPERMINT):  The best combination of natural botanicals which helps your skin to fight acne. The herbals are also perfect helpful in controlling sebum and help to minimize pores.

    ˜…ROSA DAMASCENA DISTILLED WATER helps toning, improving dark spots on your skin, and minimizing pores. Skin with breakouts will be happy with its anti-blemish properties.

    In addition, HA, Sorbitol (a plant derived humectant moisturizer) and Aloe extract help hydrating, soothing and softening your skin.



    -Wet your face with water. Apply a small pea-size amount of the cleanser evenly on your face and gently massage for about 30s, then rinse with water.
    -Or: you can put a small pea-size amount of the cleanser on your hand, foam with water, then apply on your face.
    -Use our toner, serum and moisturizer.

    -If you use face cleansing brush: After applying the cleanser on your face, use the brush to gently massage the entire face, then rinse with water.

    WHEN TO USEEveryday, day & night.

      ORDER TO APPLY:   BYE BYE ACNE - FACE CLEANSING GELATO †’ Toner †’ Serum/Emulsion  †’ Moisturizer 

        HOW TO STORE: Good to keep at room temperature. Avoid direct sun light.