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The Best Makeup Powders, According to Professional Makeup Artists

The Best Makeup Powders, According to Professional Makeup Artists

The Best Makeup Powders, According to Professional Makeup Artists

Using the best makeup powder can really make or break the makeup look you’ve created. Today, there are so many different powders available to buy that it can be really tricky to choose the best one for you. It’s not just different brands and colors you have to think about or whether you want pressed or loose powder; you’ve got finishing powders, foundation powders, bronzing powders, eyeshadow powders, and more.

Choosing a good finishing powder

When completing your look, many people like to finish off with a powder that will help skin stay matte and set the makeup. This is where a finishing powder can really help, but which ones are the best?

Many translucent powders come loaded with ingredients that are artificial and aren’t good for your skin. They can also be heavy and drying, settling into fine lines and making them appear more pronounced and creating a more aged visage.

A light and natural touch is what you need on top of your makeup, so opting for a more lightweight powder that uses 100% natural and organic ingredients is best. You might like to try the Vegan Finishing Veil Powder, which uses minerals and other natural ingredients to provide a soft, caring finish.

Vegan Finishing Veil Powder

The best foundation powders

Some people don’t like to use liquid foundation but still desire that extra coverage a foundation can offer. Maybe you have an uneven complexion or marks that you would like to be able to cover but dislike many liquid or cream formulations.

There have been powder foundations available for quite some time, but many of them contain ingredients that are not great for your complexion. However, more modern organic formulations exist that contain only 100% natural minerals and pure natural pigments to help create a glowing and healthy complexion. These tend to create a really flawless look without extra weight and are often packed with added ingredients that will care for the skin, such as the Dr. HC Silky Mineral CC All-Natural Loose Power.

Dr. HC Silky Mineral CC All-Natural Loose Power

Get your glow back with bronzing powder

Bronzer is a favorite of many professional makeup artists. One of the best ways to create a more vibrant and healthy look is by making sure that your face doesn’t look too pale or ashy. Bronzing powder is perfect for this, making sure you keep that sun-kissed glow all year round.

A good-quality matte bronzing powder is recommended rather than one with a shimmery pigment. This will help to create a more natural look, as will carefully layering on the bronzer with a soft brush. There are both loose and pressed powders available; pressed powders are ideal for keeping in your purse for touching up your look on the go.

When it comes to choosing which shade of bronzing powder you need, you’re going to want to make sure to stay within around three shades of your natural skin color. With anything darker, your color will not look natural and the results you desire won’t be achieved.

There are some fantastic mineral formulations around that boast the same kind of benefits as a mineral powder foundation and will help care for your skin while giving you a radiant glow.

Eyeshadow powders to make your eyes pop

When it comes to buying eyeshadows, there are many choices available. When it comes to powder eyeshadows, which are the best? You may be noticing a theme emerging with these powders: mineral formulations are the best. Mineral powders are also available as eyeshadow powders, and these formulations are not just kind to the skin but look amazing, too.

These formulations are a joy to use as they feel soft and velvety and are highly pigmented. As with other mineral powders, you can buy some that only contain natural ingredients that care for your skin. They give a beautiful finish and blend really well to create the look you want. Moreover, they don’t settle into fine lines, so they help to promote a more youthful appearance. You might like to take a look at the Natural Eye Makeup Loose Powder and check out some of the shades.

Natural Eye Makeup Loose Powder

Natural mineral powders are the way to go

For glowing skin that’s well cared for and not weighed down with heavy, artificial ingredients, mineral powder formulations are the best choice. Whether you require setting powder, a fuller-coverage foundation powder, bronzer, eye makeup, or other powder makeup, there is sure to be a natural mineral makeup powder product that will get great results.