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Here are Some Quality Wipes & Towellettes to Use

Here are Some Quality Wipes & Towellettes to Use

Here are Some Quality Wipes & Towellettes to Use

Wipes and towelettes are instrumental to good personal hygiene. Perhaps you need a powerful product to remove some heavy-duty makeup, or maybe you need a quick and easy way to freshen up after a long journey. Allow us to introduce you to some quality wipes and towelettes suitable for an array of uses.

Natural, organic ingredients

As the saying goes, put nothing on your face that you wouldn’t eat. Products that use natural, organic ingredients are ideal for those with sensitive skin that break out when in contact with harsh chemicals. Consider the properties of different natural, organic ingredients, too. Lavender is known to be calming, aloe vera is soothing and is often used in aftersun products, and coconut oil is rich and moisturizing.

Quick fix cleanser

When you are super tired and just want to get to bed, wipes are a great way to remove your makeup quickly and simply. For those of us who use light to medium quantities of makeup, a good-quality cleansing wipe can be sufficient to fully cleanse the skin. For heavy-duty use, such as professional makeup for the stage, your wipes can form part of a wider process of steaming and exfoliating.

Quick fix cleanser

Wipe the day away

We all know that a vital part of a good skincare regimen is to remove makeup before bed, but did you also know that it’s important to remove all the toxins that build up through exposure to the pollutants in our air?

Whether or not you apply makeup, we recommend that you make cleansing with a quality towelette, such as the Hawaiian Towelettes from Alba Botanica, part of your bedtime routine. When sourcing your wipes and towelettes, you want to look out for natural, organic ingredients. These specially formulated towelettes use the raw power of real volcanic clay, aloe leaf, pineapple and coconut.

Hawaiian Towelettes

Make your guests feel at home

When you’re having friends or family to stay, you’re sure to have a checklist of things to get ready: fresh bed sheets, flowers in the guestroom and extra towels in the bathroom. It’s all about making your guests feel comfortable and welcome, and showing them that you care. Add the finishing touch with a packet of towelettes on their bedstand to ensure they can freshen up before bed, removing makeup and the grime of the day.

Travel time

When traveling, you’ll want to freshen up but may not have access to a shower. The water in public transport restrooms can be unappealing, so to prevent your skin from becoming dull or oily, simply pack a nifty pack of wipes in your travel bag.

Airplane travel is notorious for drying out skin, so we recommend that you cleanse your face with a wipe before applying some nourishing moisturizer.

Packing light

If you are squeezed for space in your luggage and trying to keep your suitcase’s weight down, a pack of towelettes or wipes is the answer. One small packet of towelettes or wipes can often contain between 50 and 70 individual wipes, which is surely more than enough for your business trip, mini-break or even a longer vacation.

Feminine care

Using wipes and towelettes during menstruation can help you feel fresh and rejuvenated, giving your mood a positive lift throughout the day. However, to avoid disrupting the delicate balance of your pH, you will need a specially formulated product, such as Natracare Organic Cotton Intimate Wipes, which are infused with soothing and sweet-smelling rose, calendula and chamomile essential oils.

Natracare Organic Cotton Intimate Wipes

Experiment with makeup art

Have you got a big party or event coming up? A reliable wipe or towelette will allow you to experiment with a range of looks, secure in the knowledge that you can apply and remove makeup repeatedly without drying out sensitive skin.

Cleanse before applying a face mask

You want your face mask to penetrate your skin and nourish it deeply. However, for even the best face mask to work its magic, it needs to be applied to fresh, clean skin. First, use a towelette or wipe to gently remove all traces of makeup and pollution.

Keep your pores free

Although all skin types benefit from regular cleansing, for those of us with oily or oily-dry skin types, cleansing is vital. This keeps our faces clear of excess sebum. Left unchecked, excess oil can block your pores, leading to breakouts of zits and pimples. A gentle wipe will help keep your skin fresh and balanced.