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Finest Quality Shaving and Grooming Products for Him

Finest Quality Shaving and Grooming Products for Him

Finest Quality Shaving and Grooming Products for Him

Shaving can be traced right back to prehistoric times, when early men attempted to pull the hairs from their face. Today, shaving is a multi-million-dollar industry with a huge array of products on the market to help men achieve the closest and most comfortable shave possible. Just several top-quality products are needed to get a shave that leaves you feeling and looking great. Here are the top grooming essentials that every man needs in his shaving kit.

A razor

It goes without saying, but every good shaving kit demands a great razor. The razor you use is hugely important and it’s essential to take the time to find out what works best for you and your face. It could be that an old-school straight razor is the best fit for you, or a cartridge razor that uses disposable blades. Many men prefer the safety razor, such as the Midnight Black Double Edged Safety Razor, which aims to reduce nicks and cuts. Safety razors have a guard that protects the skin from cuts. They usually have a double-edged blade, so they can be used on both sides.

Midnight Black Double Edged Safety Razor

Razor blades

If you do opt for a cartridge razor, you need to keep a good supply of replacement blades close at hand. Using a blunt razor not only gives you a poor shave but can leave you with an unattractive and sometimes painful razor burn. Keep a package of cartridges suitable for your razor on hand to make sure you don’t run out at a crucial time.

Shaving cream

Shaving cream is essential for getting a close and comfortable shave. Shaving cream moisturizes and hydrates your facial hair during the shave. The hair on your face can often be wiry and coarse. Shaving cream helps to relax and soften these hairs and enables the blade to glide better across the skin. Dry shaving is likely to be a painful experience with a poor end result. You can use shaving creams or opt for popular shaving soaps, such as Juniper and Cedar Shaving Soap Bar.

Juniper and Cedar Shaving Soap Bar

Aftershave lotion or balm

Shaving can sometimes irritate the skin and strip it of essential oils and moisture. Using an aftershave lotion or balm is vital for helping to rehydrate the skin and soothe any irritation. In addition, a good aftershave can minimize your pores to prevent dirt or bacteria from getting into the skin. It also stops the hair follicles on your face from becoming inflamed and helps skin to heal faster if you have suffered small nicks or cuts during the shave. It also makes you smell amazing.

Increasingly, grooming experts are advocating the virtues of using aftershaves that contain only natural products as they believe they are better for the skin. Try Boomer & Co After Shave in Patchouli, which contains aloe vera and witch hazel, if you want to try an all-natural aftershave.

Boomer & Co After Shave in Patchouli

Pre-shave oil

A pre-shave oil may not be part of every man’s shaving routine, but it could be a powerful addition for those who suffer from extremely sensitive skin. Using a pre-shave oil can help to lubricate the skin and soften the hair on your face, giving you a closer and more comfortable shave. Use it before you lather up for the shave for extra protection on irritated skin.

And if you’re a fully-fledged member of the beard club?

These days, there’s just as much essential maintenance that goes into having a beard as having a shaving routine. Try these products to make sure the hair on your face is in top condition. After all, you wear it every single day!

Beard oil

Beard oil has grown in popularity in recent years. Beard oils are usually a mixture of carrier oils that provide moisture, such as jojoba and sweet almond oil and essential oils that provide fragrance and skin benefits. Using a beard oil will prevent beard itch, dandruff and dryness, while also protecting and moisturizing the skin underneath. It will also lend a nice scent and keep your beard in better condition. Try Men’s Basics Face and Beard Oil, which was a finalist in the 2021 Clean Beauty Awards.

Beard balm

Beard balm has a different texture from beard oil as it usually has a wax or butter base to make it creamier and thicker. It is more of a conditioning and styling product for your beard, allowing you to keep flyaways in check while nourishing and conditioning.