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Best Aftershave Facial Kit for Him

Best Aftershave Facial Kit for Him

Best Aftershave Facial Kit for Him

There was a time when male grooming consisted of grabbing a bar of soap that had been picked out for him and hoping for the best. Nowadays, there is a lot more to it than that, with almost as many beauty products on the market for men as there are for women. This can make things difficult when it comes to choosing what to buy. Here is a guide to male grooming and some tips on finding the best aftershave facial kit for him.

Why Has Male Grooming Become So Popular?

Male grooming has been popular for centuries as men have strived to look their best. However, in more recent times, it has become a flourishing market. Here are some of the reasons why.

Men Need to Look Good for Work

In the past, most men performed manual labor. This would be hot and sweaty and often involved them going into mines or standing over hot furnaces. These jobs would be dusty, smoky, and sweaty, and there was not much point in using male grooming products during the working week.

Over time, this has changed, and manual labor has almost become a thing of the past. These days, your average man puts on a shirt and tie in the morning and then spends eight hours sitting in an office. The way to impress the boss is not with sweat and toil; it is by looking the part for the hierarchy and clients. Therefore, male grooming has become a necessity of modern life.

Men Need to Look Good for Work

Men Need to Look Good for Dating

In an age of heavy labor, men were more attractive if they were muscular and masculine. Subconsciously, a potential partner wanted to know that they were brawny enough to earn a good living and would not drop dead on production of the tenth child, who would then need to be raised without his wage.

These days, people are fussier about appearance. They don’t want someone who stinks of body odor and wears dirty clothes. They want someone fresh and groomed that they can take home to meet their mother.

The dating game itself has changed. You are no longer expected to marry someone straight out of high school and have a large number of kids. Dating goes on for much longer, with many men remaining single well into their 30s. This means that they have to attract larger numbers of potential mates to find the right one. Competition is no longer restricted to your local town or village. In the days of online dating, there is an unlimited number of dates to choose from, and the average man wants to know that nobody is swiping right.

It Is More Socially Acceptable

Back in the day, male grooming products were frowned upon. They had a stigma attached to them and many people thought that using them would make them less of a man and an object of ridicule. Those who did use them were incredibly quiet about it.

These days, male grooming has become a lot more socially acceptable, and nobody thinks twice if the conversation at the bar changes from who is going to win the Formula 1 season to the latest aftershave. If everyone else is taking care of their grooming, the ones who don’t are going to be left behind. This causes the herd to want to make the effort to look good.

The Best Way Forward

Male grooming products have become so fashionable that they are now found in bathrooms across the country. The holiday season is a wonderful time for friends and family to stock up on these products, especially if the male in their lives has everything else he needs. You can never have too many products, right?

If you are stuck for choices, it is a great idea to opt for something you know he already uses or a fragrance he really likes. One popular choice is to buy kits that consist of the same fragranced products, such as a body wash, shaving soap, and aftershave.

Fresh Mint Men's Grooming Kit

Choose from anything from a cool, refreshing mint scent, as in this Fresh Mint Men's Grooming Kit, to juniper and cedar for a familiar warming fragrance. Perhaps the energy of eucalyptus is more his style, like this Eucalyptus & Mint Men's Grooming Kit. Take your time shopping for the perfect fragrance, and as long as he loves it, you already have some great ideas for next year.

Eucalyptus & Mint Men's Grooming Kit

Male grooming may have changed over the years, but it certainly doesn’t look like it will become less popular.