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9 Best Vitamins & Supplements for Healthy Living

9 Best Vitamins & Supplements for Healthy Living

9 Best Vitamins & Supplements for Healthy Living

Supplements can really give your body and brain a boost, but it can be hard to decide which ones are worth taking a look at. Let’s consider some of the products that are on offer and what could really benefit you.

1. Vitamin C

This is probably the king of the vitamin supplements. It comes in a huge array of different forms, from tablets and gummies to skin creams and Serums, and it has a multitude of different benefits. It can help to prevent everything from immune system deficiencies and cardiovascular disease to eye issues and skin wrinkling. Many recent studies were based on the health benefits of having around 500 milligrams of vitamin C per day. This is well above the typical RDA of 75 to 90 milligrams and far exceeds what most people will consume. This is why many people choose to take dietary supplements.

It is found in a range of supplements, including the Dr. Jennifer Walden Skin & Nails Formula Supplement. With so many vitamins and minerals on the market, it can often pay to choose products that are specially formulated to help with particular areas you know you want support with. This particular supplement is packed full of ingredients aimed at maintaining and improving your body’s youthful appearance in all areas. It contains vitamin C, as so many products do, along with vitamin E, pantothenic acid, biotin, selenium, copper, zinc, calcium, goji berry, hydrolyzed collagen, manganese, hyaluronic acid, and alpha lipoic acid.

2. Positive Mode Supplement

Positive Mode Supplement

This supplement is made from minerals and vitamins that can help with everything from promoting healthy sleep and feelings of well-being to boosting healing in postoperative patients. It contains a range of important B vitamins, along with potassium, zinc, magnesium, and calcium, and it can offer great benefits when it comes to preventing or getting over seasonal viral illnesses including upper respiratory tract infections and colds.

3. Dr. Jennifer Walden Prostate Support Supplement

This one is specifically for the men and contains a combination of minerals, vitamins, and herbs to promote prostate health. The ingredients include zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin E, green tea, red raspberry, tomato, and stinging nettle.

4. Energy Formula Supplement

We all need an energy boost at times, and this supplement is great for increasing stamina, boosting endurance, and giving energy levels a lift. It combines B vitamins, riboflavin, magnesium, and pantothenic acid to help with re-energizing as well as good hydration, sleep and nutrition.

5. Immune Support With Quercetin

Immune Support With Quercetin

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, this formula contains quercetin, which has been linked with virus infections, including Covid-19. It belongs to the flavonoids family, and these have been associated with a wide range of health benefits including reducing the risk of everything from degenerative brain disorders to cancers and heart disease.

6. Omega Fish Oil 

Omega fish oils are a hugely important supplement that are said to play an active role in supporting brain and heart function, as well as helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. This formulation’s omega-3 fatty acids may offer a range of benefits including reducing triglycerides, maintaining healthy blood pressure, protecting the heart against disease and problems, and reducing the risk of stroke.

7. Black Pepper Ashwagandha

This herb has become increasingly popular in recent times thanks to its links with boosting energy levels and reducing stress. It is an anti-inflammatory, and users also report it promotes feelings of general wellbeing. It is an adaptogen and has been linked with reduced anxiety levels.

8. Probiotics

Probiotics have never been more popular, and the Dr. Jennifer Walden Probiotics Essentials Formula contains microorganisms that are believed to promote overall well-being and good health. It promotes good gut health, whether you need a general boost, you are undergoing surgery, or you are taking medication that affects the normal gut environment. This includes antibiotics, which can wipe out the good bacteria we need for optimum gut health.

9. Nootropic Formula

Nootropic Formula

This nootropic formula can be used to promote feelings of well-being and may be useful at aiding clarity of thinking and enhancing your brain function. It is packed with choline bitartrate and L-Theanine, along with noopept and phenylpiracetam. If you have never heard of them before, nootropics have been colloquially termed "smart drugs" thanks to the fact that they are believed to boost brain function and cognition and may be useful in diminishing the effects of brain deterioration as you age.