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7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas Under $200

7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas Under $200

7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas Under $200

Gift giving has long been a way of showing your family and friends just how much they mean to you. During festive seasons or if you find yourself inundated with invitations to weddings, birthdays, christenings, bar and bat mitzvahs, where you simply can’t turn up empty-handed, this tradition can soon get quite expensive.

It’s the thought that counts

Luckily, as the old adage goes, it’s the thought that counts. People just love to receive presents that show you’ve kept them in mind and not just grabbed the closest thing on the shelf in a hurry. There’s no need to break the bank as long as you can choose a thoughtful gift. To get it right, it’s important to consider the small details. Think about what they like, what they need and how the present would look in their home.

Guaranteed delight with a gift certificate

Gift Certificates

Everyone knows someone who is impossible to buy for. If thinking about what to get them has you going in circles, don’t despair! Let them choose themselves. Simply putting cold hard cash in an envelope might do the job but lacks warmth. A gift certificate lets the receiver buy what they really want and shows you’ve kept them in mind by choosing a brand or shop they especially love. At Keshav Natural Organics, our Gift Certificates come with the option to add a unique message for that personal touch. With certificates available in values of $25, $50, $75 and $100, there’s something to suit every budget.

Perfect presentation

Strawberry & Sandalwood Christmas Spa Gift Baskets

Gift sets and bundles aren’t just about what’s inside. Items are artfully arranged in artisanal woven baskets, nestled inside gorgeous bags or wrapped up inside colorful cellophane twisted with bright ribbon. The beautiful presentation creates a polished effect that announces to the world that this is a gift! There are generic ones to suit any occasion and ones specially designed for specific celebrations, such as the fabulously festive Strawberry & Sandalwood Christmas Spa Gift Baskets..

A warm gift

Beeswax Bee The Light Candle

Scented candles bring light, warmth and a sense of coziness to our homes and are always a great choice. Although they're suitable for any occasion, candles are one of those items that helps make a house a home, making an especially welcome choice as a housewarming gift. They are also highly versatile, with pumpkin spice aromas for fall, cinnamon and spiced orange for Christmas, and a whole rainbow of colors to choose from. Yet even the highest-quality candles won’t stretch your resources too far. A perfect example of this is the Beeswax Bee The Light Candle. These are handcrafted in small batches by an ethical company. The quality of craftsmanship is clear, yet you will be left with stacks of money to spare.

Skincare Sets

Skincare sets are a far superior choice to buying a lone high-quality product. The items in a set have been carefully selected to work together to create a skincare routine, such as the renowned 7-step Korean Skincare routine. Skincare sets are usually targeted at one specific solution, such as hydration or defying the effects of aging. Just like other types of gift sets and bundles, they benefit from gorgeous packaging.

A gift that keeps on giving

For a more out-of-the-box idea, choose a membership subscription to something you know the receiver will appreciate and watch as it continues to delight your friends and family throughout the next few weeks, months or even the year. You can buy gift memberships for all sorts of products and services, from magazines that match the receiver’s hobby to monthly deliveries of fresh flowers, entry to zoos, make-up bundles and more.

Just for him

Beard grooming kits are perfect for the men in our lives who sport magnificent beards. They are a prominent feature on a man’s face, and although fashionable, rugged-looking facial hair might look low maintenance, an awful lot of work goes into keeping those beards and mustaches in good condition. Magnificent mustaches and beautiful beards need products like oil, combs, brushes, special scissors and even specially formulated shampoos.

Awesome athleisure

Thoughtful gift giving is all about showing that special friend, relative or colleague that you see them. Perhaps your brother is a keen hiker or your sister-in-law is training for a marathon; acknowledge their hobby with a gorgeous piece of athleisure. If you’ve made friends at yoga class or the gym, this gift could be that perfect nod to the beginnings of your friendship.